Indoor Fort Ideas

Everyone loves forts and sometimes a little inspiration can help spark an idea and then lead to the coolest fort ever.

Here is a list of some excellent fort ideas:

Castle Fort - Build a fort with a castle mentality. You need to have walls all around and a look out tower. We would recommend that you don't try to put a moat around your castle fort, but you do need to be prepared for an attack.

Mega Fort - Build a HUGE fort conecting at least two rooms. For this mega fort to work you are going to need a LOT of blankets and sheets. We recommend that you ask your parents if you can use EVERY sheet and blanket in entire house and then get to work.

Girls Fort vs. Boys Fort - Build two forts, one for boys and one for girls. Make sure that you have signs for both of the forts. One saying "boys only" and another sign saying "girls only". Find some ways to make sure that everyone knows which fort is which. The girls fort can have pink, purple, and other fun girly colored blankets and sheets. The boys fort should you brown, green, and any other blankets and sheets that will communicate that this is a fort for boys only.

Camoflauge Fort - The idea behind this fort is that it should look invisible. When parents look into the room, it should look normal. However, upon a closer inspection, a fort under the desk, a fort under the bed, and another fort in the closet. Watch out little brothers and sisters! You might be walking right into a trap.

For more ideas specifically for boys or girls go to these pages on the indoor forts website:

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